This page provides details on how to create and edit USD material primitives from V-Ray VOP nodes within Material Library LOP.


Create and Assign Materials

With V-Ray and Solaris you can create Material VOP nodes that are translated into USD materials.

To create a USD material:

  • First, create a Material Library LOP node. It is used to translate the Material VOP nodes into USD materials. Do so from ||stage|| > Materials > Material Library.





  • Within the Material Library LOP node, create a V-Ray Material Builder node. This automatically generates a V-Ray Material Output node with a V-Ray Material linked to it. Create as much V-Ray material VOP nodes as you need.
  • In the parameters of the Material Library LOP node, specify a geometry for each Material LOP and its path.




When a Material Library LOP is created, it uses an asterisk (*) in the Material VOP parameter to match children VOP nodes inside the LOP and translate them into USD materials.

V-Ray Environment Fog is supported through the V-Ray Single material.

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