Date – August 09, 2018

DownloadBuild 4.03.03


Key Features

GPU Rendering

  • V-Ray for Houdini comes bundled with the same GPU rendering improvements implemented in the other V-Ray Next DCC integrations.

Volume Rendering 

  • Support for VDB rendering through the Volume Grid Cache SOP and the Volume Grid Shader VOP.
  • Support for direct rendering of volumetrics without the process of loading the files through a Volume Grid Cache SOP is coming in the future. A major advantage of V-Ray vs competitive products is the fast computation of volumetric lighting, ie. fire illuminating the smoke and fire illuminating the scene.

VRScene Rendering

  • Instancing of VRScenes with custom transformations and orientation is fully supported, allowing the user to easily transfer assets in a V-Ray based pipeline.

  • Custom overrides on the imported VRScene are fully supported. Geometry in the VRScene is represented as Primitive Groups, allowing you to override the material assignments on a per-object basis.

Alembic support

  • Тargeting of individual objects in the packed alembic hierarchy for material assignment is fully supported. Transformations, copying, instancing, etc. are supported.

Hair & Fur

  • Rendering of Houdini hair generated at the SOP level is fully supported. V-Ray for Houdini comes with the new Hair 4 shader.


  • Driving the shader parameters through custom attributes on a per-point basis is supported.

Packed Primitives

  • Тargeting of primitives in the packed object hierarchy for material assignment is fully supported. 
  • Rendering of Packed Fragments and Agents for Rigid Body and Crowd simulations is supported.

Material Stylesheets

  • Full support for material overrides based on groups, bundles, attributes, etc.


  • Copying of Packed Geometry, Instancer and “instancepath” attribute works with all supported object types, including Volumes.
  • Instancing of lights is supported, with options for per-instance overrides of the light parameters.


Other Features

Object Types

  • Regular Polygon Geometry as GeomStaticMesh  
  • Regular Poly Soup Geometry as GeomStaticMesh 
  • Packed Geometry 
  • Poly Lines as GeomMayaHair 
  • Curves (NURBS, Bezier) as GeomMayaHair 
  • Points as GeomParticleSystem 
  • Instanced Geometry 
  • VRayProxy loaded through VRProxy SOP node 
  • VRayScene loaded through VRScene SOP node 
  • Volumes as VDBs loaded through Volume Grid Cache SOP node 
  • V-Ray Infinite Plane 
  • Subdivision and Displacement 
  • Node linking through op:/path syntax


  • Support for Houdini’s Light Linker 
  • Ambient, Direct, Dome, IES, Mesh, Omni, Rectangle, Sphere, Spot, Sun 
  • V-Ray Sky as Environment or Dome Light texture 
  • Light Instancing through instancepath attribute or Houdini Instancer - support for color and intensity per-instance overrides and Light Linker overrides (per base object)


  • V-Ray Physical Camera -- Aperture, Focal Length and F-Stop inherited from Houdini’s camera settings so the camera manipulator handles can be used. 
  • Spherical, Cylindrical, Box, Fish-Eye, Warped, Ortho, Pinhole, Spherical, Cubic projection
  • Depth of Field and Motion Blur supported

Animated Geometry

  • Full support for transofrmations

  • Full support for deformations.

Instancing Types

  • Instancing through Instance node 
  • Light Instancing through Instance node 
  • Instancing through instancepath attribute 
  • Light Instancing through instancepath attribute 
  • Instancing of volumetrics supported

Simulation Types

  • Particle Simulations 
  • PBD Grain Simulations  
  • Crowd Simulations 
  • Cloth Simulations   
  • RBD Simulations 
  • Volumetric rendering of VDBs with Volume Grid Cache -> Volume Grid Shader  
  • FLIP simulation rendering of meshed surfac
  •  FLIP secondary effects (Foam, Bubbles, etc) as particles or VDBs


  • Proxy Import/Export 
  • VRScene Import/Export   
  • Alembic - Full Support 
  • Houdini bgeo - Full Support 
  • Yeti caches through VRayPgYeti SOP


  • Limited support of VEX 
  • String overrides not yet implemented per polygon 
  • Full support for overrides based on primitive attributes, groups, bundles, etc 
  • Support for Global Stylesheets 
  • No support for per ROP stylesheets akin to Mantra ROP -> Decale Style Sheets / Apply Style Sheets parameter yet.


  • Limited GPU update support

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