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Official Release

Date – June, 2020


New Features

Chaos Cloud

  • Support for Chaos Cloud - Rendering and Light baking (info) 




  •  Notification if the user is rendering in the viewport with disabled realtime option




  • Added SideColor option representing Fresnel in VRayMtl (info)




MAX Script

  • V-Ray Material Optimizer MAX script for texture baking and material simplification  (info)



Modified Features

License Server

  • Updated Online License Server in installer to 5.5.0




Bug Fixes


  • Serialization mismatch crash in certain situations with AlphaComposite blend mode in VRayMtl

  • Refraction input clamping colors above 1.0


  • LightMesh not exporting correctly when set to "Invisiblе"


  • Standalone Render Server installation fails to locate vray.exe