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The Diffuse rollout is part of the Generic material's parameters.


Some options are available only in Advanced mode.

Color – Specifies the color of the material. For dielectric materials this is the diffuse color. For metals this is the specular reflections color.

Diffuse Roughness – Controls the Diffuse BRDF Falloff. It can be used to simulate rough surfaces or surfaces covered with dust (for example, skin or the surface of the moon). Note that this parameter only affects the diffuse portion of non-metallic materials. For more information, please see the Roughness Parameter example below.



Example: The Diffuse Roughness Parameter


This example demonstrates the effect of the Diffuse Roughness parameter. Note how, as the Diffuse Roughness increases, the materials appear more "flat" and dusty.


Diffuse Roughness = 0.0 (regular diffuse material)

Diffuse Roughness = 0.3

Diffuse Roughness = 0.6

Diffuse Roughness = 0.8


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