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This page provides information on the Global Overrides tab in the V-Ray Appearance Manager.



The Global Overrides tab allows you to override project materials and lights globally in order to achieve a stylized conceptual rendering.




UI Path

||Appearance Manager|| > Global Overrides tab 



Global Materials

To override a material with a V-Ray material, make sure that you have created the V-Ray material in the Asset Editor. Then click on the V-Ray icon menu () in the Appearance Manager and select the V-Ray material.

Hide Decals – When enabled, hides Revit decals during rendering.

Keep Relief Pattern – When enabled, keeps the original bump/displacement of all materials when applying global overrides.

Use Revit Shading Colors – When enabled, overrides all materials with the corresponding Revit shading colors.

Render Enscape Materials – When enabled, the Enscape material properties are applied to the V-Ray rendering. Materials that contain such properties are indicated in orange color in the Material tab. When promoting a material to the V-Ray Asset Editor, its Enscape version is promoted.




Artificial Lights Overrides

Artificial Lights Overrides – Enables the artificial lights overrides.

Intensity – A global multiplier for the artificial lights intensity. Values between 0 and 1 decrease the intensity, whereas values above 1 increase it. 

Color Filter – Overrides the color filter of all artificial lights.

Include Emissive Materials – Overrides the color filter of all emissive materials.




Missing Materials

Select colors to highlight geometries that are assigned a missing or invalid material at render time. This option helps you easily detect missing materials, in case they were moved to another folder or deleted, as well as, geometries that do not have a material assigned yet. 

From V-Ray – This color is used to render geometries that are assigned with a missing or invalid V-Ray material.

From Revit – This color is used to render geometries that do not have an assigned material in Revit. 




  • Note that the global material overrides do not affect the Infinite Ground Plane. If that is needed, the material should be changed manually.
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