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This page provides information about the Aerial Perspective Component in V-Ray for Grasshopper.


The Aerial Perspective component simulates the aerial perspective atmospheric effect - the result of viewing objects from a distance through the Earth's atmosphere.

Input Parameters

Sun (Generic Data) – Specifies the Sun the aerial perspective effect is connected to.

Visibility (Number) – Specifies the distance in meters at which the fog has absorbed 90% of the light coming from the objects behind it. Lower values make the fog appear more dense, while larger values reduce the effect of the aerial perspective.

Height (Number) – Controls the height of the atmosphere layers in meters. Lower values can be used for artistic effects.

Multiplier (Number) – Controls the amount of sunlight scattered from the atmospheric effect. A value of 1.0 is physically accurate.

Color (Color) – Affects the color of the unscattered light.

Output Parameters

Volumetric (Generic Data) – Environment volume shader output that can be connected to a V-Ray Environment component.

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