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The Brute force method for computing global illumination recomputes the GI values for every single shaded point separately and independently from other points. This method is very accurate, especially if you have many small details in the scene.

To speed up calculations with Brute Force as the Primary Rays engine, you can use the Light Cache engine for calculating Secondary Rays.

This rollout is available only if Brute Force has been chosen as either the Primary Rays or Secondary Rays GI engine in the Global Illumination Settings.



UI Path

||V-Ray Asset Editor|| >  Settings Global Illumination > Brute Force

(When Brute Force is set as the Primary or Secondary Rays engine.)




GI Depth 1 – Specifies the number of light bounces that are computed. GI Depth is also used to calculate Interactive rendering GI Depth. For more information, see the Light Bounces example on the Global Illumination Settings page.




1 – GI Depth parameter works with both production and interactive render. To update the interactive GI Depth for existing scenes, older than V-Ray 6, update 1, adjust the Brute Force GI Depth.

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