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This render element is enabled through the Render Elements tab of the Render Setup window in 3ds Max and displays its parameters in a rollout at the bottom of the window:

VRayVFB – When enabled, the render element appears in the V-Ray Virtual Frame Buffer.

Deep output – Specifies whether to include this render element in deep images.

Color mapping – Applies the color mapping options specified in the Color mapping rollout (Render Setup window > V-Ray tab) to this render element. This option is enabled by default.

Multiplier – Sets the overall intensity of the render element, where 1.0 is the standard multiplier.

Mode - Controls the way objects are clipped in the element.

Normal – Objects are clipped as you would normally see them in the RGB channel.
Raw – Three elements are created instead of one: an unpremultiplied RGB element with the object; a floating-point alpha element, and a RGB filter element (includes masking from transparent or refractive objects).

GBuf ID – Only objects with this G-Buffer Object ID are considered.

IsMATID – When enabled, the pass considers the Material ID and renders accordingly. When disabled, these values are considered to be the Object ID.

Invert Selection – Use the opposite of the selected objects in the render pass.

Consider for Anti-Aliasing – When enabled, anti-aliasing is used where possible.

Affect Matte Objects – Sets whether to include matte objects when generating the render element. A matte object is an object that has been assigned a Wrapper Material or VRayObjectProperties with the Matte surface option enabled.




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Common Uses


The Object Select Render Element allows items to be isolated for easier control at a composite level. In the example, the curtains are color corrected and tinted yellow.