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Chaos Scatter lets you quickly and efficiently populate surfaces, splines, and volumes with vast numbers of objects. Its major features include:


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  • A library of ready-to-use presets available in Chaos Cosmos
  • Ability to edit individual instances
  • Edge trimming (removing any elements of scattered models which stick outside of the defined area)
  • Slope limiting for the scattered instances (no trees growing out of cliffs)
  • Including/excluding scattering areas using splines (closed or open)
  • Surface color map (coloring scattered instances based on pattern textures on rugs, etc.)
  • Limiting scattering only inside camera field of view (camera clipping)
  • Efficient viewport display
  • and more...
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We are constantly developing Chaos Scatter! For our future plans, please see Scatter Tentative Road Map - 3ds Max

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In case of using Corona 8 or newer and opening a scene made with Corona 7 or olderany legacy Corona Scatters in that scene will be automatically converted to Chaos Scatters. Because of multiple improvements in Chaos Scatter and changes in the way it works, the rendered results may differ between the older and the newer version of the scene. 

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titleUI Path: ||Scatter Toolbar|| > Chaos Scatter button

||Scatter Toolbar|| > Chaos Scatter button


||Command panel|| > Create tab > Geometry > Chaos Scatter > ChaosScatter button





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Tutorial: Using Chaos Scatter with Corona for 3ds Max