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By default, Cosmos assets are downloaded to a local directory:  

  • On Windows: C:\Users\[User]\Documents\Chaos Cosmos\

  • On macOS/Users/[User]/ChaosCosmos/

  • On Linux: /home/[User]/.ChaosCosmos/Packages

You can change this directory to a new local or network folder by updating the Cosmos Browser Settings.

Changing the download directory will not transfer all downloaded assets to the new folder. See how to move your assets at Moving the Asset Download Directory page.


  1. Start Cosmos Browser and go to menu ●●● > Settings.

  2. Press the button Change next to the Assets Download Folder.

  3. In the pop-up window fill in or paste the new directory path.

  4. Press the Select Folder button.

Now the Cosmos Browser downloads are saved to the newly specified directory. Lock and Packages sub-folders appear in it.

In case that multiple users share the same network folder as Assets Download Folder, assets downloaded by one user, show as downloaded to all users.

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