Table of Contents

Official Release

Date - October 19th, 2021

Please note that  .vantage files saved with version 1.5.0 and newer are not compatible with older versions.

New Features

Place tool


  • Support for per camera resolution

Command Line


  • Flip horizontally option for the environment texture.

Material tab UI


  • Top/Bottom option for Stereo Cube 6x1 and Stereo spherical outputs  
  • FOV X and FOV  Y have now decimal values instead of single integer


  • Render animation in Live Link session from 3ds Max (requires  V-Ray for 3ds Max upcoming update)


  • Save all lights parameters in .vantage file


  • Replaced denoiser slider in toolbar with an On/Off button when using the NVidia AI denoiser or Combined denoiser


  • Enable imported cameras to be drag-able to Camera animation track

Animation editor


  • Removed Install V-Ray for 3ds Max Live link scripts option and from ||Customize|| > Customize User Interface > Toolbars > Chaos Vantage in 3ds Max
  • Added option to associate . Vantage files so that they can be opened with Chaos Vantage from the explorer



  • Wrong display of object hierarchy
  • UI font bug when in non-latin OS
  • Closing Cosmos Browser from 'X' doesn't update UI


  • Automatic vertical tilt doesn't work correctly with scenes with Y-up axis


  • Environment map is flipped from Cinema 4D
  • Environment map not importing when "TexRGBTintMax"is used to color correct it

Multi GPU

  • Black spots in denoised offline render on multi-GPU

  vrscene file

  • Incorrect transforms import of meshes in a hierarchy from Cinema 4D when using Cloner in Multi Instance mode
  • Incorrect node visibility animation when some frames don't have a keyframe from Cinema 4D


  • Crash on app launch with external GPUs