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This page provides information on how to import inside 3ds Max cameras that were created inside Chaos Vantage.


Created cameras or camera animation inside Chaos Vantage can easily be imported inside 3ds Max using the Import Changes from Chaos Vantage MAX script. Here is a short guide on how to import those camera back to 3ds Max. 

Step 1: Load a scene inside Chaos Vantage

Load a scene inside Chaos Vantage by any of the following methods:

Once the scene is opened in Chaos Vantage, create any number of cameras or camera animation using the animation editor.

 The name of the camera you save is the name of the imported camera in 3ds Max.

Step 2 : Save Scene File

To save all changes in the scene including the created cameras save a .vantage file.

Go to File > Save Scene or use the shortcut key Ctrl+S.

Step 3: Import the .vantage File in 3ds Max

In 3ds Max, go the Import Changes from Chaos Vantage tool button. For information on how to pin the button in the toolbar, see the Import Changes from Vantage script page.

Select the requisites you want to import from the options. In this example, we leave the options to their defaults.

Click the Import button and select the exported .vantage file. Click Open. Note that the "Import Changes from Vantage" window does not close automatically.

Now, all cameras from the config file are imported into 3ds Max.

If there are no camera animation in the .vantage file but the Animated Camera option is enabled, then a VantageCameraPath dummy camera is imported.