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This page offers information about the Sphere Light in Chaos Vantage.



The Sphere Light is the representation of the V-Ray Sphere Light in Chaos Vantage. The Sphere Light can only be accessed when imported with a .vrscene file.

You can use the right mouse button click to reset the parameters numeric values to defaults.

Lights that have [G] in front of their name are grouped and share properties. Changing any value will be instanced in all the grouped lights. You can ungroup lights by clicking on the checkbox in front of "Grouped with ## other lights"

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Sphere Light Parameters

Enabled – Turns on and off the sphere light.

Color – Changes the color of the light.

Intensity – Specifies the intensity of the light's brightness. 

InvisibleWhen enabled , makes the light invisible, both to the camera and to reflections. This is useful to prevent bright speckles on glossy surfaces where a ray with low probability hits the extremely bright sphere.

Radius – Specifies the radius of the sphere light.

Shadows – When enabled (the default), the light casts shadows. Turn this option off to disable shadow casting for the light. The value moves the shadow toward or away from the shadow-casting object(s). Higher values move the shadow toward the object(s), while lower values move it away. If this value is too extreme, shadows can "leak" through places they shouldn't or "detach" from an object. Other effects from extreme values include Moire patterns, out-of-place dark areas on surfaces, and shadows not appearing at all in the rendering.

Diffuse – Determines whether the light affects the diffuse portion of the materials. The value controls the light's contribution to the diffuse portion of the materials.

Specular – Determines whether the light affects the specular portion of the materials. The value controls the light's contribution to specular reflections.

Reflections – Specifies whether the light source appears in reflections.

Use global mult. - When enabled, uses the Enable Lights value as a multiplier to Intensity value. When disabled, the light is independent from the global multiplier.