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This page offers information about the Lights tab in Chaos Vantage.


The Lights tab offers a list of all lights in the scene and their properties. This includes lights imported with a .vrscene file.

You can use the right mouse button click to reset the parameters numeric values to defaults.

Scene sub-state

Scene sub-state – A dropdown list of all scene lights sub-states.

Create (Vantage_CCtab_CreateSubState.png) – Creates a new scene lights sub-state.

Update (Vantage_CCtab_UpdateSubState.png) – Updates a scene lights sub-state.

Delete (Vantage_CCtab_DeleteSubState.png) – Deletes a scene lights sub-state. Double-click to delete.

Note that the default scene sub-state cannot be updated or deleted.


Lights Lister

The Lights lister lists all lights and their properties imported with a .vrscene file.

Lights that have [G] in front of their name are grouped and share properties. Changing any value will be instanced in all the grouped lights. You can ungroup lights by clicking the checkbox in front of "Grouped with ## other lights"


Lights are automatically grouped/instanced if they share similar properties. This functionality is available if the Display controls for all lights is disabled in the UI section of the Preferences dialogue.

UI path: Edit menu > Preferences > UI > Display controls for all lights


ButtonButton nameDescription


CompactDisplays only On/Off, color and intensity parameters for lights in the lights lister.


BasicDisplays common parameters for lights in the lights lister.


Advanced Displays all available parameters for lights in the lights lister.


Enable all lightsTurns on all lights in the list.


Disable all lightsTurns off all lights in the list.


Ungroup selected lightsUngroups selected lights in the scene which are part of a light group (have matching and identical properties) and makes them unique.


Expand all lightsExpands collapsed lights in the list.


Collapse all lightsCollapses all lights in the list.