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This section provides information on:

Advanced Installation 

Installing instances of the Chaos License Server that use the same user account on the same internal network when on different workstations or servers which acts as a redundancy measure. This is to make sure licenses are still obtainable during server downtime due to failures or maintenance, which is especially useful for organizations with multiple locations that share the same internal network.

Sharing vrlclient.xml over a network

Using the vrlclient.xml file from a central location on your network, which is required for an instance of the Chaos License Server that uses the same user account.

Advanced Settings

Adjusting additional settings for the licensing system, which can be accessed from the drop down menu in the top right corner of the Chaos License Server web page.

License Server Controller

The License Server Controller allows making changes to the Chaos License Server through a command-line interface.

Manual Addition of Firewall Exceptions

Additional firewall exceptions that might need to be added. Chaos products add various exceptions (rules) for themselves during the installation process. Sometimes, adding a firewall exception isn’t enough to allow an application to receive information. In these cases, the only way to get the program operating correctly is to manually add a port/program exception to your firewall.

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