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This page provides information on the Chaos Phoenix Global Preferences window.


The Global Preferences window provides options that affect all Phoenix nodes and are saved across different scenes and sessions of Maya.




Default Cache Directory – Allows you to specify the default directory where cache files will be saved.

Log File Verbosity – Specifies different level of verbosity for the Phoenix log. The more detailed log levels might slowdown the simulation times. The Debug level could actually slow down some simulations with about 10% compared to the default Important level.

Errors - Only errors are printed.
Warnings - Errors and warnings are printed.
Important - Errors, warnings and important info are printed.
Info - Errors, warnings and more detailed information.
Debug - Errors, warnings and extremely detailed information that could slow down the simulation.

Open Log File Location... – Opens a new Windows Explorer window at the location where the Phoenix simulation and rendering log file is saved. By default this is 'C:\ChaosPhoenix'  on Windows, '/home/$USERNAME/' on Linux and '/Users/$USERNAME/' on MacOS.

Show Billboarded Viewport Icons – When enabled, all Phoenix viewport wireframe nodes, except for the simulators, will always face the camera. If the option is disabled, the icons will lie flat in the XY plane.

ESC Key Stops The Simulation – When enabled, pressing the Escape key on the keyboard will stop the simulation. If the option is disabled, you can still use the Shift+Escape keyboard shortcut to stop a running simulation.

Render as VRayVolumeGrid – (V-Ray only) This option forces the Phoenix Simulators to convert to VRayVolumeGrid objects when rendering with V-Ray GPU or when they are exported to a .vrscene file and rendered with V-Ray Standalone. The option gives the opportunity to render Simulators on machines that do not have a Phoenix license. Note that an exported Volume Grid will correspond to the features available in the respective V-Ray version that will be used to render it.

Note that Phoenix rendering does not consume a Chaos Phoenix license, so rendering on other machines only requires you to install Phoenix on them.

V-Ray IPR Support – Enables or disables V-Ray IPR support of Phoenix.