This page provides information about the V-Ray Particles in Cinema 4D.


V-Ray Particles are designed to help you create various effects - from splash and smoke, to rain and snow, or even make instances of your own custom geometries. Render a large number of instances fast and efficiently. V-Ray Particles require an X-Particles Emitter, Thinking Particles Groups, MoGraph Matrix and Cloner objects or a Cinema 4D Emitter object to work.

UI Path: ||V-Ray||> Geometry V-Ray Particles


Workflow: How to assign Thinking Particles as a Particle Source

To assign Thinking Particles as a Particle Source for V-Ray Particles, you need to link the Particle Group. You can locate your Thinking Particle Groups in the Simulate > Thinking Particles > TP Settings... window. Drag and drop to assign a group as a Particle Source, or use the eyedropper tool ().