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This page provides information about the V-Ray Sun and Sky system in Cinema 4D.


The V-Ray Sun and Sky texture are special features which are provided by the V-Ray renderer. Developed to work together, the V-Ray Sun and Sky system reproduces the real-life sun and sky environment of the Earth. Both are coded so that they change their appearance depending on the direction of the V-Ray Sun.

For easier workflow, V-Ray Sun and Sky creates an all-set-and-ready-to-use Sun and Sky system in Cinema 4D.

More information on the V-Ray Sun parameters can be found on the V-Ray Sun page.

More information on the VRaySky texture parameters can be found on the VRaySky page.

UI Path: ||V-Ray|| > Lights > V-Ray Sun with Sky

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The V-Ray Sun and Sky system in Cinema 4D introduces an easy way to manage both the V-Ray Sun and the Sky texture together.

When created, V-Ray automatically sets a V-Ray Dome light with a V-Ray Sun and V-Ray Sun-Target under it in the Objects tab.

The V-Ray Sun-Target is a dummy object created in the viewport, that you can use to control the direction of the Sun.

Rotating the Dome Light object rotates the whole V-Ray Sun and Sky system!


The Sky texture is automatically attached as the Dome Tex.

For more information on the Sky texture, see the V-Ray Sky page.


Change the Sun Target

If you want to change the pivot point of the Sun with another object, do the following:

  1. Go to the Target tab under the V-Ray Sun;
  2. With the selector of the Target Object, choose the desired object.


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