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This page provides information on the Chaos Vantage toolbar integrated in V-Ray for 3ds Max.


Chaos V-Ray provides a Chaos Vantage toolbar with a few handy and useful tools that enhance the user experience and workflow between V-Ray for 3ds Max and Chaos Vantage. The toolbar is only visible if a Chaos Vantage installation is present.

Among the tools it provides are:

  • Live Link
  • export and send .vrscenes from 3ds Max to Chaos Vantage
  • import changes from Chaos Vantage to 3ds Max.

The Live Link feature makes it possible to instantly see changes made in V-Ray for 3ds Max without the need to export and import .vrscenes in Chaos Vantage.

Note that with V-Ray 6, using older drivers (less than 495.xx) on Ampere cards may lead to incorrect render results with RTX.

Toolbar Functions


Initiates a Live Link session between 3ds Max and Chaos Vantage. For more information on how to initiate a Live Link, see the Initiate Live Link to Chaos Vantage page.

Opens the Chaos Vantage Live Link settings. Currently, the settings dialog includes options for setting IP and Port, options for modifying frame timeout, as well as for enabling/disabling object render state. 

Exports and sends the current scene as static .vrscene to Chaos Vantage. For more information, see the Export and Send as .VRScene to Chaos Vantage Script page.

Exports and sends the current animation range as .vrscene to Chaos Vantage. For more information, see the Export and Send as .VRScene to Chaos Vantage Script page.

Opens the Imports changes from Chaos Vantage dialog. For more information, see the Import Changes from Chaos Vantage Script page.

Renders animation with Chaos Vantage. For more information, see the Render Animation with Chaos Vantage Script page.

Imports changes from Chaos Vantage dialog

Cameras – When enabled, camera viewpoints are imported.

Animated camera – When enabled, the animated camera tracks from Chaos Vantage are imported as an animated camera.

Overwrite existing – When enabled, all existing objects in the 3ds Max scene are overwritten with the ones from Chaos Vantage.

Set time range – When enabled, the current time range is adjusted to match the animation length from Chaos Vantage.

Open Log – Opens the log listing the actions and processes executed by the script. Useful for debugging the scene if there is an issue. Default location is C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\MAXVERSION - 64bit\ENU\scripts

Visit online docs – Opens Chaos online documentation on Importing Changes from Chaos Vantage Script.

Import – Opens a browse window to specify a Vantage Scene file (.vantage) to import.

Vantage Live Link settings

IP Address – IP address that the live link connection connects to.

Port – Specifies the port at which the Live link connection is started.

Frame timeout – Sets а specified time in seconds between frames to ensure data transfer for the next frame has begun .

Enable Object Render State – When enabled, uses Render states/counts/iterations/modes instead of their viewport representation. Anima 4D assets require this option to be enabled to be rendered properly. Enabling this option саn affect the interactivity of Live link updates.

The Chaos Vantage Live Link Settings MAX script is available with V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, update 2 and later when using Chaos Vantage 2.2 and later.

Always make sure you are using the same port in both 3ds Max and Chaos Vantage!

In the following links, you can find useful information on how to work with Chaos Vantage Live Link feature:

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