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This page provides information on the Global Illumination rollout in the V-Ray tab when V-Ray GPU is used as the production renderer. 


The Global Illumination rollout is available under the V-Ray tab when the render engine is V-Ray GPU. From this rollout you can select the Secondary GI engine.

For additional information on the different GI engines and how they compare with each other, see the Indirect Illumination page.

UI Path: ||Render Setup window|| > V-Ray tab > Global Illumination rollout (Renderer set to V-Ray GPU)


GI engine – Specifies the secondary engine. 

The primary GI engine is always set to Brute Force.

None – No secondary bounces are computed. Use this option to produce skylit images without indirect color bleeding.
Brute force
 – Causes V-Ray to use direct computation for secondary diffuse bounces.
Light cache
 – Sets Light Cache as the secondary GI engine.

GI depth – Controls the number of secondary bounces for indirect illumination when Brute Force is used.