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This page introduces hair and fur in V-Ray for 3ds Max.


V-Ray supports several types of Hair and Fur systems in 3ds Max and allows for a large range of flexibility. Additionally, V-Ray provides its own Procedural Fur tool.

It is strongly recommended to use hair materials for hair-based objects used for simulating hairs.


The following modifiers provide additional control and V-Ray compatibility to native 3ds Max and 3d party hair and fur plugins.

  • 3ds Max Hair and Fur Modifier - Supports native rendering of the 3ds Max Hair and Fur through the Hair and Fur world-space modifier. A custom V-ray material can also to be applied to the hair.
  • HairFarm Modifier - Supports the rendering of hair strands produced by the Hair Farm plugin by CyberRadiance, allowing the hair to blend seamlessly into the V-Ray rendering pipeline and to properly interact with features like 3D motion blur, V-Ray lights, global illumination, etc.   
  • Ornatrix Modifier - Supports the rendering of hair strands produced by the Ornatrix plugin by Ephere. Additionally, the V-Ray VRayHairNextMtl material can be used to control the appearance of the hair.

Fur Creation

V-Ray also has its own plugin for creating procedural fur.

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