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This page contains examples illustrating the use of Image-based lighting with V-Ray Dome Light.


Example: IBL (Image-Based Lighting)

V-Ray uses importance sampling to trace more rays in the directions where most of the light is coming from. This ensures speed and quality that were never before possible with pure gathering GI methods.

  • Easy setup for image-based lighting (IBL).
  • Importance sampling of the dome texture for fast and clean results.
  • Support for photon mapping for fast and accurate caustic effects.

In the following example, we show how this works with an HDR image. You can reposition the texture by enabling the Lock texture to icon option in the Dome light rollout and rotating the Dome light. The background is set up as a V-Ray Bitmap Texture



Initial position of the Dome light. Z axis is perpendicular to the ground plane.


Rendered image




Dome icon is rotated along its Z axis by 90 degrees, causing a different part of the HDR texture to show in the rendering.


Rendered image




Dome light icon rotated by 90 degrees along X axis.

Rendered image




Now we are going to show how the HDRI parameters also can affect the rendered image. We rotate the HDRI from within the 3ds Max Material Editor.







Rotating the HDRI to -200 degrees.


Rendered image







This time we reduce the HDRI multiplier. Notice how the multiplier affects the overall scene lighting. We haven't changed the dome position.


Rendered image







Adding 50 degrees vertical rotation to the HDRI. See how the light and shadows have changed a lot. The highlight position is different now.


Rendered image




Example: IBL and Caustics




Activate the Caustics from the VRay Caustics rollout in the GI menu.


Rendered image





We are using an HDRI with -100 horizontal rotation.
The caustic effect is almost not visible. We raise the Multiplier to 30.0


Rendered image. Now the effect is visible, though the light's caustic subdivisions appear to be few.



Under the Render Setup > Settings > System rollout (Advanced), open the Lights Settings.





Increase the light's Caustic subdivs from 1500 to 15000


Rendered image. Now the effect appears to be clearer.




Set the Caustics multiplier to 30.0, the Search distance to 5.0 units, and the Max density to 0.2cm.







Rendered image

Rendered image


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