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The Spline Scattering rollout is part of the Chaos Scatter parameters.


This submenu is only available when the scattering mode is set to 1D - On splines.

Spacing – Determines the spacing between instances in world units.

Jitter [%] – Randomly jitters instances along the spline. Each instance has Spacing applied on both its sides, except the instances at the end of the spline. The Jitter value is divided between those two Spacings. In order to allow instances to jitter in all their Spacing distance, the Jitter needs to be set to 200%.

Offset [%] – Determines what percentage of the Spacing the instances are offset in one direction of the spline. When set to 100%, all instances replace the one after them, as the offset is equal to the whole value of the Spacing.

Follow spline [%] – Determines how scattered instances are oriented along the spline. Assigning a value of 100%, makes instances follow the spline and are oriented along the local tangent direction.

Edit Instances – Switches to 'Instances' sub-object mode. This allows individual instances to be manipulated. Only the instances visible in the viewport can be edited. This option is only useful for small numbers of instances, otherwise it might cause a crash. If you select 100 or more instances, Chaos Scatter displays a warning. To switch out of this option, click Edit Instances one more time. The edited instances are ignored by the Avoid collisions option, the Include/Exclude splines option, Slope limitation and by Camera clipping.

Keep in mind that if you edit the original model of the scattered instances, after you've edited them, they will be reset back to their original state. To avoid this, edit your instances after finalizing the state of the original model and the Scatter.

Convert to Max geometry – When enabled, converts the Chaos Scatter instances into 3ds Max instances. This option is only useful for small numbers of instances, otherwise it might cause a crash.




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