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This page provides information on the V-Ray Infinite Plane.



The VRayPlane implements a procedural infinite plane for V-Ray during render time. The source code of VRayPlane is also available as part of the V-Ray Geometry SDK.

It can be created from the the VRay category of the Create tab.


UI Path: ||Create menu|| > V-Ray > V-Ray Plane


||V-Ray Toolbar|| > V-Ray Plane button


||V-Ray menu|| > Create > Geometry > V-Ray Plane


||Create menu|| > V-Ray > V-Ray Plane


||Command panel|| > Create tab > Geometry > VRay category > VRayPlane button


The 3ds Max teapot sitting atop a VRayPlane.




Icon text – Enables or disables the display of the VRayPlane text in the viewport.

Icon size – Specifies the size of the viewport gizmo in world units. This allows the gizmo to be static, regardless of its distance from the camera, or to be removed altogether.

Real-world map sizeEnables VRayPlane mapping in actual scale, i.e. it matches the behavior of 3ds Max Real-World Map Size option. This is useful when importing Chaos Cosmos materials which use an actual scale. When disabled, VRayPlane has a fixed mapping in world space.



  • The position of the plane depends on its transformation in the 3ds Max scene.
  • You can have more than one infinite plane in the scene.
  • The plane is rendered with the material applied to the VRayPlane object.
  • Shadow maps do not include information about the plane object. However, other objects cast correct shadows on the plane, even with shadow maps.
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