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This page offers information about the Render Time render element in V-Ray for Maya. 



The Render Time Render Element shows a floating-point number for each pixel's render time measured in milliseconds. The colors in the render element show the rendering speed as a range from black to white. The whiter the pixel, the longer the render time and vice verse. This render element works only with the Bucket image sampler. The Render Time Render Element is useful mainly for troubleshooting purposes.


UI Path: ||Display Render Settings button|| > Render Elements tab > Render Time


To use render elements, select from the Available render elements column and click the Add button to add the passes you wish to generate at render time. When you render the scene, the added render elements listed in the column on the right, will also render, which can be viewed from the VFB window's channel dropdown menu.

For more information on the parameters on this dialog, see the Render Elements tab page.





Enabled – When enabled, the render element appears in the V-Ray Virtual Frame Buffer.

Deep Output – Specifies whether to include this render element in deep images.

Filename suffix – The text added to the end of the rendered file, when saved as a separate file (e.g. myrender.time.vrimg).




Example: Per Pixel Render Time Information



In the VFB hover the mouse over the image to see render time in milliseconds information about any pixel.
The information is visible in the bottom of the VFB (right next to the Raw option).