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This page gives some basic details about the Light Raw Total Render Element and explains how it is used in compositing.



The Light Raw Total Render Element, also known as Raw Total Lighting, is the sum of all raw lighting (both direct and indirect) in the scene, without any diffuse details.

This pass is useful for changing the appearance of the scene's lighting in a compositing or image editing application.





UI Path: ||Toolbar|| > V-Ray Menu icon > Render > VRayRenderElement > Type: Light Raw Total


The Light Raw Total render element has no controllable properties.




Underlying Compositing Equation

Light Raw Total x Diffuse = Light Total



Compositing Formula

Light Raw + GI Raw = Light Raw Total




  • This element is affected by matte surfaces which can produce unintended effects during compositing. The above compositing equation can be used to manually produce a Light Raw Total element without the effects of matte surfaces.
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