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This page gives an overview of the GI Raw render element and how it may be used in compositing.



The Raw Global Illumination Render Element stores how much indirect lighting (reflected diffuse light) is received by surfaces in the scene. This raw element is useful for fine-tuning indirect lighting in the compositing process.

This pass is untouched by the diffuse colors of the scene and represents the pure indirect lighting contribution. You can use this raw element to reconstitute the GI by multiplying the Raw GI with the Diffuse.



This raw render element must be rendered along with the Global Illumination element (Gl) for proper results.




UI Path: ||Toolbar|| > V-Ray Menu icon > Render > VRayRenderElement > Type: GI Raw


The GI Raw render element has no controllable properties.



Underlying Compositing Equation

GI Raw x Diffuse = GI





  • When Raw Global Illumination is needed in a composite, please make sure to also render the Global Illumination render element (GI) as well.



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