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This page provides an overview of the Depth of Field tab of the VRayRenderer node.


The Depth of Field tab of the VRayRenderer enables and provides controls for the depth of field effect.

UI Path: ||Select VRayRenderer|| > Properties Panel > Depth of Field tab


On – Enables or disables the calculations of the Depth of Field (DOF) effect.

Aperture – The size of the virtual camera aperture in world units. Small aperture sizes reduce the DOF effect.

Center bias – Determines the uniformity of the DOF effect. A value of 0.0 means that light passes uniformly through the aperture. Positive values mean that light is concentrated towards the rim of the aperture, while negative values concentrate light at the center.

Get focal distance from camera – When this option is enabled, the Focal distance is determined from the camera target.

Focal distance – Determines the distance from the camera at which objects will be in perfect focus. Objects closer or farther than that distance will be blurred.

Sides – Simulates the polygonal shape of the aperture of real-world cameras. When this option is disabled, the shape is assumed to be perfectly circular.

Number of sides – Controls how many sides the polygonal shape of the aperture has.

Rotation – Specifies the orientation of the aperture shape.

Anisotropy – Stretches the bokeh effect horizontally or vertically. Positive values stretch the effect in the vertical direction, while negative values stretch it in the horizontal direction. Leaving this parameter at the default value of 0 produces no stretching.

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