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This page provides information about export .vrscene file with V-Ray for Unreal.


VRayScene allows for assets to be shared between all platforms that run V-Ray.

UI Path

ІІV-Ray toolbar drop-downІІ > Export vrscene

Exporting a .vrscene

A vrscene from the an Unreal project can be exported with in two ways:

V-Ray toolbar

VRScene Name – Specifies the name of the generated .vrscene file.

Export VRScene Path – Directory where the .vrscene file is saved. Default directory is <ProjectPath>\Content 

Compress – Compresses geometric information thus making the resulting .vrscene file smaller.

(plus) NEW Export Selected Only – Exports only selected actors in the scene to a .vrscene file. Option will be ignored when Light Bake option is enabled.

Light Bake – Exports separate .vrscene files for every light map atlas.

The number of generated .vrscenes depends on:

  • Actor Light Map resolution
  • Atlas resolution
  • Actor count in the level

When you export a .vrscene a .bat file is also created with the name specified in VRScene Name and in the directory set in Export VRScene Path. You can use the .bat file to render the exported .vrscene in standalone, outside of Unreal. Note that currently a .bat file will not be generated when Light Bake option is enabled and will not work for light bake atlas .vrscenes .

V-Ray Bake Settings

Export VRScene – Enables the export of a .vrscene file when the V-Ray Bake  button is clicked.

Export VRScene Path – Directory where the .vrscene file is saved with the file name bake#.vrscene. Default directory is <Project_Path>

Supported Features

Rendering and Light Baking
  • Camera Actor – Transformations
  • Cine Camera Actor – Transformations
  • Static Meshes (info)

  • (plus) NEW - Skeletal Meshes (info)

  • Geometry Brushes (info)
  • Blueprint Actors with Static Meshes (info)
  • Foliage (info)
  • Landscapes (info)
  • Point Light (info) – Intensity; Light Color; Intensity Units - Unitless, Candelas, Lumens; Source Radius; Temperature; Affects World; Cast Shadows; Use Inverse Squared Falloff; Specular Scale
  • Spot Light (info) – Intensity; Light Color; Intensity Units - Unitless, Candelas, Lumens; Inner Cone Angle; Outer Cone Angle; Source Radius; Temperature; Affects World; Cast Shadows; Use Inverse Squared Falloff; Specular Scale; IES Texture
  • Rect Light (info) – Intensity; Light Color; Intensity Units - Unitless, Candelas, Lumens; Source Width; Source Height; Temperature; Affects World; Cast Shadows
  • Directional Light (info) - Intensity; Light Color; Temperature; Affects World; Cast Shadows; Light Source Angle
  •  Sky Light (info)– Source Type; Cubemap; Source Cubemap Angle; Intensity Scale; Light Color; Affects World; Cast Shadows; Lower Hemisphere Is Solid Color; Lower Hemisphere Color

Supported expressions:

  • Constant (info)
    • Constant
    • Constant2Vector
    • Constant3Vector
    • Constant4vector
    • Time
    • TwoSidedSign
    • VertexColor
    • ViewProperty
  • Coordinates (info)
    • ObjectRadius
    • Panner
    • Rotator
    • ScreenPosition
    • TextureCoordinate
    • WorldPosition
  • Depth (info)
    • PixelDepth
  • Functions (info)
    • FunctionInput
    • FunctionOutput
    • MaterialFunctionCall
    • StaticBool
    • StaticSwitch
  • Material Attributes (info)
    • BreakMaterialAttribute
    • GetMaterialAttributes
    • MakeMaterialAttribute
    • SetMaterialAttributes
  • Math (info)
    • Abs
    • Add
    • AppendVector
    • Arccosine
    • ArccosineFast
    • Arcsine
    • ArcsineFast
    • Arctangent
    • Arctangent2
    • Arctangent2fast
    • ArctangentFast
    • Ceil
    • Clamp
    • ComponentMask
    • Cosine
    • CrossProduct
    • Divide
    • DotProduct
    • Floor
    • Fmod
    • Frac
    • If
    • LinearInterpolate
    • Logarithm2
    • Max
    • Min
    • Multiply
    • Normalize
    • OneMinus
    • Power
    • Round
    • Saturate
    • Sign
    • Sine
    • SquareRoot
    • Subtract
    • Tangent
    • Truncate
  • Parameters (info)
    • ScalarParameter
    • StaticBoolParameter
    • StaticSwitchParameter
    • VectorParameter
    • TextureObjectParameter
    • TextureSample2DParameter
  • Texture (info)
    • TextureObject
    • TextureSample
  • Utilities (info)
    • BumpOffset
    • ConstantBiasScale
    • DDX
    • DDY
    • Desaturate
    • Distance
    • Fresnel
    •  RotateAboutAxis
    • SphereMask
  • VectorOps (info)
    • CameraPositionWS
    • CameraVectorWS
    • ObjectPositionWS
    • PixelNormalWS
    • ReflectionVectorWS
    • Transform
    • TransformPosition
    • VertexNormalWS

Supported Inputs (info) :

  • Base Color
  • Metallic
  • Specular
  • Roughness
  • Emissive Color
  • Opacity
  • Opacity Mask
  • Normal
  • Subsurface Color
  • Clear Coat
  • Clear Coat Roughness
  • Clear Coat Bottom Normal

Supported Blend Modes (info) :

  • Opaque
  • Masked
  • Translucent
  • Alpha Composite

Supported Shading Models (info) :

  • Unlit
  • Default Lit
  • Subsurface
  • Clear Coat
  • Two Sided Foliage

Supported Material Options

  • Tangent Space Normal

Texture with Compression Settings (info) :

  • Default
  • Normalmap
  • Masks
  • Grayscale
  • Displacementmap
  • HDR
  • Alpha
  • HDRCompressed

Texture Settings:

  • Flip Green Channel

  Adjustment Settings:

  • Brightness
  • Brightness Curve
  • Vibrance
  • Saturation
  • RGBCurve
  • Hue

Textures with file format:

  • .bmp
  • .png
  • .tga
  • .jpg
  • .hdr
  • Sequencer animation with Static Meshes
  • Project packaging/cooking into a standalone application
  • Unreal tone mapper and Post Processes  in viewport rendering
Rendering and Light Baking
  • VRayPhysicalCamera BP (info)
    • Current Camera Settings – Sensor Width, Sensor Height; Focus Method; Manual Focus Distance; Current Focal Length
    • V-Ray Physical Camera Settings – Enable Exposure; 3ds max Compatible; Film Speed(ISO); Shutter Speed S^-1; F-number; White Balance, Reinhard Burn Value; Distortion Type; Amount; Near Clip Plane
  • VRaySunAndSky BP (info) –  On, Azimuth, Elevation, Turbidity, Ozone, Intensity Multiplier, Size Multiplier, Set for Light Bake, Affect Diffuse, Affect Specular
    VRayLightDome BP (info) –  On, Use Dome Tex, Dome Tex, Dome Tex Rotation, Dome Color, Intensity, Invisible, Set for Light Bake,  Dome Tex Resolution, Affect Diffuse, Affect Specular, Affect Reflections
  • VRayLightRect BP (info) – Enable, Is Disc, Length/Radius, Width, Multiplier, Cast Shadows, Color, Directional, Invisible, Set for Light Bake, Affect Diffuse, Affect Specular, Affect Reflections
  • VRayLightMesh BP (info) – Enabled, Static Mesh, Multiplier, Cast Shadows, Color, Invisible, Affect Diffuse, Affect Specular, Affect Reflections
Material Instances, V-Ray Material Instances with V-Ray Parent Materials:

  • VRayMtl (info)
  • VRayCarpaintUberMtl (info)
  • VRayPBRMtl (info)
Light Baking
  • Light bake with V-Ray Bake (info)
  • Exporting Lightmaps (info)
  • Process Atlases
  • Importing Lightmaps (info)
Render Elements
  • Denoiser (NVidia Ai, V-Ray, Intel Open Image Denoise(info)
  • Background, GI, Lighting, Reflection, Refraction, Specular, Self Illumination, Sub Surface Scattering (info)
  • Diffuse Filter, Reflection Filter, Refraction Filter, Shadows (info)
  • RenderID (info)
  • Cryptomatte (info)
  • (plus) NEW - LightMix
  • Normals, Bump Normals, Sampler Info, Velocity, ZDepth (info)
  • Light Select (info)
  • Sample Rate, Unclamped Color, Noise Level (info)
  • Export .vrscene file 
  • Export Light bake atlas .vrscene file
  • Export only selected nodes
  • Chaos Cloud