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This page provides information on the LightMix Render Element in V-Ray for Unreal.



The LightMix render element provides adjustment control to the lights in the scene from inside the New V-Ray Frame Buffer. When a LightMix render element has been added before rendering, the intensity and color of the lights and light emitting materials can be changed directly from the VFB during and after rendering; lights can be enabled or disabled on the go, without the need of re-rendering your final output, or navigating to individual lights parameters during IPR. This feature can handle individual lights as easily as light groups, layers or custom selections.





Enable – Enables the rendering of the channels included in this render elements group.

 – Adds additional render elements to the render elements group.

 – Deletes all the render elements in the render elements group.

Active – Enables the render of the current channel.

Denoise – Enables the render element's denoising, provided the Denoiser render element is present.

Consider for AA – By default, the Image sampler applies AA based on the RGB image. When this option is enabled, the Render Element is considered for AA.

Filtering – When enabled, it applies the antialiasing filter to the render element.

Color Mapping – Applies the default color mapping options to this render element (Reinhard). 

Group By – Specifies how the scene lights will be listed in VFB.

Individual Lights – Lighting information of each light is stored in a separate channel.

Manual Light Select – Render channels are created based on the existing Light Select render elements in the scene. Lights that are not specified there, are collected in single render channel called Rest.