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The Thin Film rollout is part of the Generic material's parameters.

The Thin Film recreates the effect of thin film interference on a surface making the material iridescent. Some common uses are soap bubbles and reflective car paint layering.

Thin Film

Available only in Advanced mode.

Thin Film – Turns on/off the thin film effect.

Thickness Map – Specifies the thickness texture. The map blends between the Min and Max thickness values and is expected to be in the range of 0-1. If there is no texture map, only the minimum thickness value is used.

Thickness Min (nm) – Determines the minimum thickness measured in nanometers. See the Thin Film Thickness example for more information.

Thickness Max (nm) – Determines the maximum thickness measured in nanometers.

IOR – Specifies the index of refraction of the medium the thin film is made of.

Example: Thin Film Thickness

This example shows how the Thickness Min (nm) parameter affects the V-Ray material. The Thin Film IOR is set to 1.4.

Thickness Min = 0

Thickness Min = 300

Thickness Min = 450

Thickness Min = 600


Generic Sheen



Generic Self-Illumination

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