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This page provides information on the Chaos Telemetry program. 



The V-Ray improvement program is based on telemetry. It allows Chaos to track general V-Ray usage statistics, which include parameter values that people use most often. This helps Chaos to optimize and improve V-Ray's performance. No personally identifiable information, scenes, assets, or materials are collected.

The collected data is sent daily and is stored locally in the vray-telemetrics.log file viewable with a text editor. The file can be found in the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Chaos Group\V-Ray for SketchUp\vrayneui on Windows or Users/<username>/.ChaosGroup/V-Ray for SketchUp/vrayneui on MacOS.



Enable Feedback Program

The Feedback program is activated by enabling the Help us Improve V-Ray for SketchUp checkbox, available upon completing the V-Ray for SketchUp installation.




Feedback Program Settings

Collection and transmission of usage statistics can be disabled or renewed at any time through V-Ray for SketchUp's Asset Editor > Settings > Configuration > Usage Statistics