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This is the documentation homepage for the Corona 10 Benchmark.  

What is the Corona 10 Benchmark?

The Corona Benchmark is an application based on the Corona 10 rendering core which measures your system performance by rendering a scene with Corona 10 without having to run (or even install) any other software. It can be used to measure how well your system performs when rendering with Corona and you can compare your score with other users' results to make sure your hardware is running at its full capacity or just for fun!

Some other uses include:

  • Comparing what improvements (if any) result from changing something about your hardware, BIOS settings, or Operating System settings
  • Making an informed decision on what hardware to buy by making sure it gives you a notable performance improvement
  • Stress testing the machine to make sure that the cooling can keep up with your CPU when it is hard at work (via command console)

Where to find the Corona 10 Benchmark? 

Click the link below to download the Corona 10 Benchmark.

 There is no installation or license activation required, but please read the license files included in the archive.

Download the Corona 10 Benchmark

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