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This is article provides information on the Corona Benchmark Scores page

Corona Benchmark Scores Page

By default, the scores page lists all Corona Benchmark entries submitted by users.

Search bar – Allows searching for a specific keyword, such as a CPU model or user-submitted note.

Show my scores only – Acts as a filter showing only the results submitted by the current user.

Score [rays/s] – When clicked, sorts the results by ascending or descending score.

In Corona, the rays per second (rays/s) unit measures the pure rendering speed of your system. The more rays per second, the faster the rendering, and it's a linear scale. For instance, a system with 6 million rays/s is twice as fast as one with 3 million rays/s.

Clicking on an entry – Opens a Score preview page with information about the selected entry.


Corona Benchmark Score Preview

The score preview page shows information about the currently selected entry, including the final score, operating system, CPU model, and more.

Back to all scores – Returns to the Scores Page.

View all scores buttonReturns to the Scores Page.

View all scores for this CPU button – Shows a list of scores for the specific CPU listed in the currently selected entry.