This is article provides answers to commonly asked questions about the Corona Benchmark. 

What is the Corona Benchmark?

The Corona Benchmark is an application based on the Corona 10 rendering core which measures your system performance by rendering a scene with Corona 10 without having to run (or even install) any other software. You can learn more here.

Where to find it?

You can download the Corona Benchmark here

How to use it?

The Corona Benchmark is extremely easy to use. Simply download the archive, unpack it, run the executable file, and click Start. You can learn more about using the Corona Benchmark here

What are the system requirements? 

The Corona Benchmark requires a CPU that supports the SSE 4.1 instruction set, which means that it can run on almost any modern CPU. You can run it on both Windows and Mac OS. 

Wat does "rays per second" (rays/s) mean?

In Corona, the rays per second (rays/s) unit measures the pure rendering speed of your system. The more rays per second, the faster the rendering, and it's a linear scale. For instance, a system with 6 million rays/s is twice as fast as one with 3 million rays/s. 

Do I need a license to use it?

No, but please read the license files included in the Corona Benchmark archive. 

Do I need to have Corona installed?

No, you can use the Corona Benchmark without having Corona installed in your system. 

Do I need to have 3ds Max or Cinema 4D installed?

No, you can use the Corona Benchmark without having 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, or any other 3D host application installed in your system. 

Can I use my own scene?

No, the Corona Benchmark only uses a single scene to measure the rendering performance. Otherwise, it would not be possible to accurately measure the performance of different systems. 

Is it CPU, GPU, or hybrid? 

The Corona Benchmark is running purely on the CPU, just like Corona itself. 

Why is my system slow when running it?

This can be normal and expected. Corona Benchmark is utilizing your CPU to its full potential, which can slow down all other tasks, especially on lower-end computers. If you believe something isn't working as it should, feel free to contact the Corona support team

Where can I compare my score with other users? 

Once the Corona Benchmark finished rendering, it provides you with an option to submit your score. After doing that, you can compare your result with the other ones stored in the online list. You can also access the list without submitting your score or running Corona Benchmark at all by visiting this link.