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Official Release

Date - October 13, 2022






  • Implemented a default Vantage sun so Physical Sun and Sky option is available in the Environment mode drop-down


Path resolver

  • Improved path resolver now searches every subfolder next to the imported file, for assets.

Motion blur

  • Reduced artifacts from motion blur


  • Improved Vantage denoiser result in refraction and flickering object edges. 
  • Improved refraction quality when switching between Vantage and NVidia AI in Combined denoiser mode. 
  • Improved reflection detail with NVidia AI denoiser.


  •  Improved auto-exposure that accumulate samples in dark areas (single GPU only).



  • Visual popping of textures with "Dynamic textures" option enabled.
  • Wrong blending of the sun disk with the ground albedo.
  • Wrong alignment of the sky texture's horizon line .
  • Temporal denoiser and postprocessing passes breaking with dynamic textures.
  • Reduce flickering being used when disabled in High quality rendering.


  • Crash when starting an offline render with "Auto exposure" enabled on systems with 2 GPUs.

Command line

  • Crash when rendering with -denoiser=0.
  • Hang when the Live Link drops during a sequence rendering.
  • Random abort while rendering sequence using "Render animation using Chaos Vantage".
  • Live Link in 3ds Max doesn't start with the first click on the Start/Stop button.

  • Distributed rendering in 3ds Max to always deactivate when the Live Link stop button is pressed.

Motion blur

  • Not applying to moving objects when using "Render animation using Chaos Vantage".
  • Not rendering in "Render animation using Chaos Vantage" Maxscript.


  • Errors caused by loading empty string texture filenames.

  • Scene animation range one frame shorter when loading .vantage file. 


  • UI bug when switching between 'Focal length' and 'Field of view'.
  • Transform manipulation and snapping windows not being disabled in Live Link.
  • Inconsistent spinner value changes on secondary monitor .
  • Wrong rotation range for transform type-ins.
  • Chaos Vantage starting at invalid coordinates when monitor layout changes between sessions .

Render elements

  • Missing velocity in EXR.
  • Alpha getting lost in EXR when motion blur is enabled.