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This page provides information about the Tool menu and its sub-menus in Chaos Vantage.

Menu Options

High Quality Render – Opens the Render setup dialog where you can specify render parameters for still, sequence, or batch rendering. (Shortcut: Ctrl+R )

Record Camera Movement – Creates a new camera slot in the Camera tab and records its movement. (Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+R )

Quick Record Viewport – Starts capturing the viewport to an .mp4 file in the .vrscene file location. (Shortcut: Ctrl+Backspace)

Record Viewport to Video File – Opens the Viewport Video Capture dialog where you can specify the quality preset and frame rate.

Record Animation Previz Video – Renders the animation with DLSS. Note that the Enable dynamic textures (Render Settings in advanced mode > Textures) must be disabled for this feature to work.

(WIP) VR Settings – Adds or removes VR Settings controls to the toolbar.

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