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This page is about render elements and their basic usage.


Render Elements are a way to break out renders into their component parts such as diffuse color, reflections, shadows, mattes, etc. This gives fine control over the final image when using compositing or image editing applications when re-assembling the final image from its component elements. Render elements are also sometimes known as render passes.

Render Elements are generated at render time based on the ones you choose before rendering.

For a complete list of render elements, see the List of Supported Render Elements below.


Render elements are not denoised regardless of Denoiser setting in Render setup dialog.

UI Path

To access the Render Elements dialog, go to:

||Tools menu|| > High Quality Render > Render elements rollout > Setup button

||Bottom toolbar|| > Hight Quality Render button (Vantage_Bottom_Bar_quality.PNG) > Render elements rollout > Setup button

Render Elements Sub-groups

Render Elements in Chaos Vantage break down into four major groups:

  • Beauty render elements – These are the primary render elements that form Vantage's pre-composited final render pass.

  • Geometry render elements – These render elements rely on geometry to generate geometry data for the compositing process.

  • Mask render elements – These render elements aid selection masking in the compositing process.
  • Raw render elements – These are the primary render elements that form Vantage's pre-composited final render pass but without applying the Denoiser render element.

Enabling the Multi Mattes checkbox renders all visible Multi Matte render element objects available in the scene. To render a subset of the Multi Matte render element objects, go to the Objects tab > Scene Outliner and disable the visibility of the objects you want to exclude from rendering.  Details


Supported Render Elements

The following render elements are supported by Chaos Vantage.

Render element name

Color Depth of PNG, JPEG


Color Depth of EXR



Back-to-beauty group8bit16bitEnables all beauty elements for the actual rendering.
Lighting8bit16bitThe diffuse direct surface lighting.
Specular8bit16bitThe surface specular highlights.
Global Illumination8bit16bitThe diffuse surface global illumination.
Reflection8bit16bitThe reflections on the surface.
Refraction8bit16bitThe refractions on the surface.
Self-Illumination8bit16bitThe self-illumination of the surface.
Atmosphere8bit16bitAtmospheric effects.
Background8bit16bitThe image background.
Diffuse Filter8bit16bitThe pure diffuse surface color.
Bumped Normals8bit16bitThe normals generated by bump maps, in screen space.


The z-depth of the scene.
Velocity8bit16bitThe surface velocity.
Object Mask8bit16bitThe object ID. Randomly assigned object IDs at initial load of scene.
Material Mask8bit16bitThe material ID of the object. Randomly assigned material IDs at initial load of scene.
Multi Matte8bit16bitCreates RGBA selection masks based on an object's Object ID, Material ID, or Include/Exclude list.
Raw RGBA8bit16bitThe undenoised beauty render.