This page gives an overview of the Phoenix FD Menu in 3ds Max.


A new main menu option is added after Phoenix is installed to be able to access unique options or commands that are specific for Phoenix.

The Phoenix FD Menu is used to access the following windows:

  • Phoenix FD Preferences - Opens up the Chaos Phoenix Global Preferences window.
  • Show Phoenix Main Window - Opens a floating dialog where floating rollouts of Simulators can be docked.
  • Export .simscene - Opens the Phoenix Export .simscene window.
  • Submit Simulation to Backburner... - Allows you to submit a Phoenix simulation to Autodesk Backburner.
  • Submit Simulation to Deadline... - Allows you to submit a Phoenix simulation to Deadline.
  • Get Example Scenes - Opens the Example Scenes page in the web browser. Allows users to download a variety of example scenes that were previously shipped with the Phoenix for 3ds Max installation.
  • Chaos Phoenix Help - Opens the Phoenix for 3ds Max Help page.
  • Get Support - Opens Chaos Help Center, where you can submit a request to Chaos Support team.
  • Credits and Copyrights - Opens a window that contains all copyright notices for 3rd party code used in Phoenix.
  • About Chaos Phoenix - Opens a window with information pertaining to the currently installed Phoenix version.

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