When Phoenix is installed, the Phoenix components will appear in different sections of the 3ds Max interface, including options found the ToolsCreateModifiersRendering, and Phoenix menus. From these options, Phoenix components can be created. For advanced techniques, they can be accessed through MaxScript as well.

The Quick Simulation Setup buttons on the Phoenix toolbar can help you get started with using these components together.






In the Create → Geometry panel, under the PhoenixFD category:


In the Create → Helpers panel, under the PhoenixFD category:



In the Material Editor:


In the list of available extended views:

  • Phoenix GPU Preview - Enables a real-time preview based on the volumetric shading settings of the Simulator. The preview closely resembles the final rendered result.



Per-Node Properties when a scene object is selected

PRT Export when a Simulator is selected



In the quad menu with scene objects selected:


In the quad menu with the simulator selected:


A new main menu option is added after Phoenix is installed to be able to access unique option or commands that are specific for Phoenix.






The Phoenix FD menu is used to access the following windows:


In the PFSource's Particle View window:



In the Environment and Effects window:

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