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This page provides information on the Coat Specular Render Element.



The Coat Specular Render Element is analogous to the Specular Render Element.

The Coat Specular RE stores the direct specular reflection (highlight) information calculated from the VRayMtl Coat Layer. Specular reflection is defined as the reflection of light from a surface in a single particular reflection, as opposed to a diffuse reflection which is reflected at many angles.

The brighter the area, the more highlight reflection the object exhibits in the render. Specular highlights are colored if the Reflection Color parameter of a material is colored.





VRayVFB – When enabled, the render element appears in the V-Ray Frame Buffer.

Deep output – Specifies whether to include this render element in deep images.

Color mapping – Applies the color mapping options specified in the Color mapping rollout (Render Setup window > V-Ray tab) to this render element. This option is enabled by default.

Multiplier – Sets the overall intensity of the render element, where 1.0 is the standard multiplier.

Denoise – Enables the render element's denoising, provided the Denoiser render element is present.



Common Use

The Coat Specular RE can be used to enhance the highlights of the materials' coat. This is done by increasing the render element's contrast and applying it to the composition inside the VFB with an Add blend mode. In this example, a Cryptomatte mask is used to isolate the apples and they are edited in compositing.