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Official release

Date -  11 Novermber, 2021

Release Notes: V-Ray 5

 Free render-ready content

Chaos Cosmos is a free library of high-quality V-Ray content to help bring your scenes to life. With a collection of high-resolution materials, beautiful HDR environments, and render-ready 3D models such as plants, trees, bushes, and more, Chaos Cosmos is a great resource for your next project.

New V-Ray Decal

Apply decals to any surface without altering the underlying material or adding UVs. The new V-Ray Decal makes it easy to add stickers, labels, cracks, stains, scratches, and more.

Extended USD Support

Enhance your workflow with the ability to export V-Ray lights to USD, and render USD lights with V-Ray.

With build 5.20.01, export of VRayDisplacement is supported.

To learn more visit USD.

Batch Rendering with Chaos Cloud

Easily batch render multiple cameras and render layers with Chaos Cloud.

Sharpen and Blur

Adjust the detail of your renders using the new Sharpen and Blur layers, built right in the V-Ray Frame Buffer, for even more artistic control. And save time with batch image processing.

For more, visit Sharpen and Blur.

Hair improvements

Render blond, gray, white, and other bright hair colors more accurately with the V-Ray Hair Next Material's new feature - Compensate Energy. For more information, visit VRayHairNextMtl.

Enhanced V-Ray Curvature texture

The V-Ray Curvature texture generates masks based on the curvature of a surface, and the latest improvements add individual controls for convex and concave areas. In addition, a new option to ignore bump maps makes the curvature masks more accurate.

Light volumetric contribution

Easily adjust how much an individual light illuminates the environment fog around it with newly added lighting controls.

Extended V-Ray Dirt

New advanced options in V-Ray Dirt ensure more precise control over weathering effects. For more information, visit VRayDirt.

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