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This page provides information about V-Ray Toon Channel in V-Ray for Houdini.


The V-Ray Toon Render Element renders the entire scene with the V-Ray Toon rendering effect and contains a mask for the toon outlines, although the toon color is not present in it. It also supports opacity set from the toon effect, presenting it as grayed outlines.


Name The text added to the end of the rendered file, when saved as a separate file.

Deep Output – Specifies whether to include this render channel in deep images.

Color Mapping – Applies the color mapping options specified in the Color mapping tab of the V-Ray Renderer to this render element. 

Consider for AA – When enabled, antialiasing is considered where possible.

Filtering – Applies the image filter to this channel. Image filter settings are in the Image Sampler panel of the Sampler tab of the V-Ray Renderer node.

Denoise – Enables the render element's denoising, provided the V-Ray Denoiser render element is added.

Invert Color – Flips the black and white colors.

Common Uses

The V-Ray Toon Render Element is useful for changing the appearance of a render in a compositing or image editing application. The V-Ray Toon Render Element holds a mask for the toon outlines (the toon color is not present in it).
It has an option to invert its output so instead of white lines on a black background, we can get the opposite. It also supports opacity set from the toon effect. See how V-Ray Toon looks with inverted colors.


When V-Ray materials reflections and refractions are not set to Affect All channels, V-Ray Toon is not applied to them. See how the RE looks when that mode is set and when it is not. In this example, Invert color is enabled.


V-Ray Toon is often used for creating cartoon-like renders. This can be achieved my Multiplying it by the V-Ray Diffuse Render Element in a compositing or editing software.


  • For the toon effect to be visible in the V-Ray Toon Render Channel, the V-Ray Toon effect node must be present and active.
  • When the Show Toon Lines in Reflections option is enabled for the V-Ray Toon node, then in order for all reflected toon lines to be present in the render element, you need to set the V-Ray materials' reflection to Affect All channels. Lights must also be turned on within the scene or no reflections/refractions will be present in the render.
  • This render element is not supported with V-Ray GPU rendering.
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