This page provides information about V-Ray Toon Channel in V-Ray for Houdini.



The V-Ray Toon Render Element renders the entire scene with the V-Ray Toon rendering effect and contains a mask for the toon outlines, although the toon color is not present in it. It also supports opacity set from the toon effect, presenting it as grayed outlines.


UI path: ||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Render Channel > V-Ray Toon Channel (RE)



Name The text added to the end of the rendered file, when saved as a separate file.

Deep Output – Specifies whether to include this render channel in deep images.

Color Mapping – Applies the color mapping options specified in the Color mapping tab of the V-Ray Renderer to this render element. 

Consider for AA – When enabled, antialiasing is considered where possible.

Filtering – Applies the image filter to this channel. Image filter settings are in the Image Sampler panel of the Sampler tab of the V-Ray Renderer node.

Denoise – Enables the render element's denoising, provided the V-Ray Denoiser render element is added.

Invert Color – Flips the black and white colors.



Common Uses

The V-Ray Toon Render Element is useful for changing the appearance of a render in a compositing or image editing application. The V-Ray Toon Render Element holds a mask for the toon outlines (the toon color is not present in it).
It has an option to invert its output so instead of white lines on a black background, we can get the opposite. It also supports opacity set from the toon effect. See how V-Ray Toon looks with inverted colors.









When V-Ray materials reflections and refractions are not set to Affect All channels, V-Ray Toon is not applied to them. See how the RE looks when that mode is set and when it is not. In this example, Invert color is enabled.





V-Ray Toon is often used for creating cartoon-like renders. This can be achieved my Multiplying it by the V-Ray Diffuse Render Element in a compositing or editing software.



  • For the toon effect to be visible in the V-Ray Toon Render Channel, the V-Ray Toon effect node must be present and active.
  • When the Show Toon Lines in Reflections option is enabled for the V-Ray Toon node, then in order for all reflected toon lines to be present in the render element, you need to set the V-Ray materials' reflection to Affect All channels. Lights must also be turned on within the scene or no reflections/refractions will be present in the render.
  • This render element is not supported with V-Ray GPU rendering.