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This page gives some basic details about the Shadow Render Element and how it is used in compositing.


The Shadow Render Element is a color image that works as a reverse mask for shadows and can be used to lighten, darken or tint shadows. Shadows can be lightened in the composite by adding this pass, or darkened by subtracting this render pass from the final composite.

The Shadow render element is the product of multiplying the Shadow Raw Render Element with the Diffuse Render Element in the composite.




UI Path: ||Toolbar|| > V-Ray Menu icon > Render > VRayRenderElement > Type: Shadow


The Shadow render element has no controllable properties.


Common Uses

The Shadow Render Element is useful for changing the appearance of shadowed areas in a compositing or image editing application. Below are examples of possible uses.



Shadow Render Element


Original Beauty Composite




Shadows lightened by subtracting from Lighting Render Element



Compositing Formula

Shadow RawDiffuse = Shadow



  • The Shadow pass can be both added and subtracted with the final beauty comp at a composite level without rerendering.

  •  Shadows can be color-corrected using the Shadow element.



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