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This page provides information about the File menu in Chaos Vantage.



New Scene – Creates a new empty scene.

Open Scene... – Opens a browse window to load a supported file. (Shortcut: Ctrl+O )

Open Scene as Config Only... – Opens a browse window to load a .vantage configuration file containing information about the scene's render settings, stored cameras, etc.

Import – Opens a browse window to import a supported file.

Reload Scene – Reloads the currently loaded scene. Any changes made to the scene are reverted.

Recent Files – Displays a list of up to 10 recently opened scenes and allows you to load any of them.

Advanced Scene Settings – Opens the Advanced Scene Settings window where you can modify rendering, post-processing and camera settings. See the Advanced Scene Settings section below.

Scene Stats – Displays statistics about the currently loaded scene.

Save Scene – Saves the .vantage configuration file of the scene, containing loaded/merged .vrscenes, scene settings, stored cameras, object properties and parameters, etc. The file is stored in the same directory as the loaded .vrscene file with the same name as the scene. (Shortcut: Ctrl+S )

Save Scene As...Saves the .vantage configuration file of the scene, containing loaded/merged .vrscenes, scene settings, stored cameras, object properties and parameters, etc. You can specify a name and directory for the file.

Save Image... – Saves the current image from the viewport into a specified directory.

Save Image in Scene FolderSaves the current image from the viewport in the same directory as the loaded .vrscene file.

Quit – Closes Chaos Vantage.




Advanced Scene Settings

Light cache – Enables light cache.

Filter primary rays – Enables filtering for primary rays.

Cell size (world) – Specifies the size of a single voxel, in scene units that is used for the Light cache calculations. Low values will produce more accurate lighting but will impact performance.

Sample limit – Specifies the maximum samples per pixel for refining the image.

Retrace thresh. – Specifies the extent to which GI near corners are retraced instead of being read from the light cache. A value of 0.0 disables retracing.


Transparent shadows – Enables materials to cast transparent shadows.

AA filter – Enables the use of Anti-aliasing filter.

Total ray bounces – Specifies a limit for reflection and refraction bounces.


Area lights

Num samples – Specifies the number samples that area lights cast.

Rect. sampling – Specifies the way rectangle lights are sampled.

Area – It is faster for calculations (faster FPS) but clears the image more slowly.
Reprojection – It is slower for calculation (smaller FPS) but clears the image faster. From the very first sample, you can notice that there is far less noise than when using Area.

MIS mode – Selects the Multiple Importance Sampling mode for the lights.




Spatial filter strength – Specifies the spacial filter strength.

Temporal denoising – Enables denoising of the previous frames. When disabled, the current frame is denoised on its own.

Spacial denoising – Enables spacial denoising.

Spacial iterations – Controls one of the parameters for quality of denoising. Higher values make denoising more stable.

Temporal AAApplies time based anti-aliasing

H./V. overscanScales the image, so that border pixels can be denoised better.

Animated noise pattern – Enables the generation of random numbers (noise) for each frame.



Motion blur – Enables motion blur.

Exposure time(s) – Specifies the amount of time the camera shutter is opened in sec. Small values produce less blurring while big values produce more blur.


Step height ratioAdjusts sensitivity when climbing steps or obstacles. Higher values allow stepping on higher surfaces.

Height toleranceSpecifies the height up to which no collision is detected. For example, if you have small rocks or grass below that value, they are ignored and the camera does not bounce up and down.

GravitySpecifies the acceleration applied on the camera when collision is enabled.