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This page provides information on the Licensing Server Controller.


The License Server Controller allows users to make adjustments to the Chaos License Server through the command line.

Installation Path

Depending on your operating system, the vrlctl command's default location is as follows:


C:\Program Files\Chaos\VRLService


To use the License Server Controller, use the following format:

vrlctl <command>

When entered without a command, additional help information will be displayed.

Adding the help flag --help or -h after each command prints additional information about the command:

vrlctl online enable -h

Note that at the moment you cannot borrow and release licenses with the help of the vrlctl command.


The following commands are available:


These commands provide a way to enable, disable, and monitor online licensing settings of the license server. For steps on setting up online licensing, see the Enabling Online Licensing section below.

online getcsrSaves an online licensing request file (cert.csr) in the current directory.
online enableEnables online licensing using an online licensing key file (cert.crt) from the current directory.
online logoutDisables online licensing for the license server.
online statusDisplays information about the online licensing status.
online login <username> <password>Activates online licensing for the specified credentials.


These commands help you obtain the diagnostic bundle which can assist ChaosGroup's support team when investigating problems you might encounter.

diagnostics get <save_path>Downloads the diagnostic bundle. If <save_path> is provided, the diagnostic bundle will be saved in the given directory.


These commands allow users to get or set different configuration variables of the Licensing Server.

config getReturns the complete license server configuration.
config set <configuration_option> "<new_value>"Sets the value of a specific configuration option. The configuration option consists of all the configuration nodes that lead to it connnected with a dot (.). For example, and diagnostics.level. The new value must be surrounded with quotation marks (").


These commands are for using a dongle with the License Server. See the Dongle usage page for additional information.

dongle enableEnables the dongle server.
dongle disableDisables the dongle server.


The browser command opens the LIcense Server's web interface page in your system's default browser.

vrlctl browser

Global options


Adding the help option after a command prints additional information about a specific command. 

vrlctl online enable -h


The version option prints the version of the Licensing Server Controller.

vrlctl -v

Enabling Online Licensing without Internet connection

Follow these steps to enable online licensing through the License Server Controller when the machine where it's running has no Internet connection:

  1. In the command line, type vrlctl online getcsr to save an online licensing request file (cert.csr) in the current directory.
  2. Visit and follow the instructions to activate the license server by getting an online license key file (cert.crt).
  3. Type vrlctl online enable to enable online licensing using the newly obtained key file from the current directory.