Official release

Date - Aug 31, 2022

Release notes: V-Ray 6

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V-Ray Enmesh

Memory efficient geometric patterns for creating complex and detailed surfaces,

such as chain mails, car grilles, knitted fabrics and much more.

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Finite Dome light mode

Fix the size of the HDRI environment in the scene with the new options of the V-Ray Dome Light.

This allows allows scaling the Dome light to match image-based lighting to models.

The new Finite Dome options provide new ground projection capabilities with blending around the corners.




Procedural Clouds

The V-Ray Sun and Sky system now comes with Procedural Clouds with ground shadows.

Create cloudy environments and time-lapses with just a few clicks.

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Move the slider to see the animated parameters.




V-Ray Profiler

Easily determine the hot spots in your scene with the V-Ray Profiler analytics.

The new Profiler tracks the time spent calculating shaders and volumes.

Combined with the Memory Tracker it gives a complete toolset for performance monitoring and optimization. Learn more





Portable Installation

The new Portable Installation replaces the ".zip builds".

The updated module file allows deploying Maya and V-Ray in just a couple of steps.

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Thin Film Layer

Create realistic soap bubbles, oil spills, oxidized metal and more with the new Thin Film option in the V-Ray Material.




V-Ray Decal with Displacement

V-Ray Decal can now add displacement to any surface, making cracked walls, embossed lettering and other effects even more realistic.





Chaos Cloud Collaboration

Get feedback on your work from teammates and clients.

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Enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation

More physically accurate rough metals and other reflective surfaces created with the V-Ray Material.






Composition Guides Layer in VFB

Add composition guide overlays right in the VFB.

Find out more at V-Ray Frame Buffer Layers.






Light Cache in IPR

IPR can now use the Light Cache GI for identical match with production renders. This options is controlled with the Enable Light Cache in IPR button in the IPR Tab of the render settings.

Streamlined USD Support

Better support for OpenVDB in USD.

Improved V-Ray Material export.

Support for MayaUSD up to 0.19.0.

Enhanced Chaos Cloud Experience

Submitting to the Chaos Cloud now happens in a separate process, which leaves the Maya interface free so that users can continue working. See the Chaos Cloud page.


VFB Panorama Viewer

Preview spherical panorama renders right from the V-Ray Frame Buffer.


And more. See the complete feature list>