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To run V-Ray, you have to:


This guide is to serve as a reference for the installation of V-Ray for Rhino. Please refer to the Glossary section for specific terms used in this document.

A complete installation of V-Ray for Rhino consists of:

  • V-Ray

  • V-Ray License Server

  • V-Ray Swarm
  • Chaos Cloud Client

Download V-Ray for Rhino

Installing V-Ray for Rhino gives you access to: 

Running the Installer

End User License Agreement

To start the installation, double-click the installation file.

Once you've carefully read the License Agreement, click I Agree if you agree to the terms.

Host App Version

This screen allows you to select which Rhino version to install V-Ray for. You can also select more than one version at once.

Proceed to click the Install button.

If you need to customize your V-Ray installation, click the Advanced button. 

Advanced Installation

The Advanced Installation button takes you to the Additional Components screen. Here, you can choose whether to install the License Server or V-Ray Swarm and specify the License server machine.

Check the Help us improve V-Ray for Rhino to help with software improvement. For more information on statistics data collection, visit the Chaos Telemetry page.

Click the Continue button to proceed with the installation



In this step, you can specify whether the V-Ray license server runs locally or on another machine.

  • If you select the Local licensing option, you need to install the License Server on your machine. See the Chaos License Quick Start Guide for a walkthrough.

  • If you select the Remote option, you have to fill in the IP address of your V-Ray license server in the field Primary License Server. Please leave the port 30304 unchanged. An Alternate License Server is used when the primary one does not respond.

V-Ray installation is successful.


Next Step

Go to step 2 to activate your Chaos License.


  • Starting with V-Ray 6, update 1 Chaos Cloud is always installed together with V-Ray as it is an integral part of the product.


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