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This page provides information on the Chaos Player GUI.


The interface in Chaos Player is divided into several parts where similar features and tools are grouped together. All the operations are just a click away and every command can have a shortcut key assigned to it.


The image below shows the Chaos Player interface. There all the different areas of the interface can be seen.

Chaos Player GUI

It comprises of the following:

  • Menus – Holds all the commands and options for Chaos Player sorted in five different menus.
  • Preview Area – The workspace where the files loaded for preview will be shown. Here you will also be able manipulate them and see how different options affect them.
  • Information Bar – Shows useful information about the current settings of the Chaos Player and lets you quickly change them.
  • Toolbar – Gives quick access to some of the most commonly used commands.
  • Timeline Area – Holds the Layer Stack where all the layers can be seen and manipulated. Here you can also find the Control Buttons the Playback Buttons and the Channel View Buttons.
  • Property Panel – Holds the parameters for each layer and lets you control them.

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