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This page provides an overview of the Property Panel in the Chaos Player.



The Properties Panel is the main tool for making any changes to the layers. Here we can edit the color settings for the selected layer, control its placement and size, add color corrections or set its blending options. We can also change the settings for the brush and text layers. The Properties panel also holds controls for the switching between different image channels when working with OpenEXR or .vrimg files, choosing between different versions of a given sequence, as well as the stereoscopic and Color Key effects.

Most of the settings in the properties panel are controlled with sliders. You can set values for those settings either by double clicking and entering a number or by dragging the slider. Alternatively you can hold down the Alt key to change the dragging speed for the slider. You can also use the middle-mouse scroll wheel to change the values.

The image shows the Property Panel.

You can cycle through the different panels by clicking on the Previous Panel or the Next panel button or by right clicking and choosing from the context menu. To choose which layer you will edit you can select it in the Layer Stack, use the Previous layer and Next layer buttons on the Property Panel or right click and pick it from the Layer context menu.

Use the left or middle mouse button to drag and scroll the property panel.



The following panels can be accessed through the Property Panel:

  • Layer Panel– Add the layer to a selection set and control the border and safe area previews.
  • Source Panel– View custom layers in .exr and .vrimg files.
  • Color Mapping Panel – Adjust how the input color is decoded and how it is corrected for display.
  • Color Corrections Panel– Adjust various layer color settings.
  • Transform Panel – Adjust the layer position, scale, and pixel aspect ratio.
  • Blending Panel – Control the color and alpha blending for the current layer, and set up an animated fade effect.
  • Color Key Panel – Apply color keys to your layers.
  • Alpha Replacement Panel – Assign channels from other layers to be used as an alpha channel in the current layer.
  • Brush Panel – Control the brush paint-over mark-ups.
  • Text Panel – Adjust the text mark-up annotations.




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